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Product: A patented multi-sensor bracelet that precisely and conveniently predicts fertile days
Target audience: Women 25-42 years old trying to get pregnant
Goal: Grow brand awareness, increase sales and strengthen thought leadership through entertaining and educational content


Thought Leadership, Product Commercial, Social Media Content


Ava Women




Ava bracelet was the world's first fertility-tracking wearable device. The company participated in a study showcasing a corellation between woman's heart rate and a fertile window. Ava needed to tell the story of how they're incorporating the findings into the innovative fertility-tracking bracelet and promoted the product via paid advertising.

Key deliverables

  • 2min product video commercial

  • 1 expert video testimonial

  • 4 influencer video testimonials

  • 1 thought leadership interview with the CEO

  • Graphic design, scripting, static visuals

Immediate results

-50% CPA during the main ‘Pulse Rate’ campaign promoting Ava's innovation and research findings.​

  • 2 x reach compared to the previous campaigns

  • 79,000 video views on Facebook


  • Strenghtened credibility, brand awareness, and thought leadership status

I was absolutely delighted with every aspect of working with B Magnetic. The team understood what I needed immediately, and fleshed out a complete vision for my project very quickly. At times, it felt like they could read my mind, and best of all, Sylvia is an absolute pleasure to be around—warm, funny, and fun. I was pleasantly surprised when they all understood the scientific concepts I wanted to convey and had an array of creative ideas for how to communicate them clearly and succinctly.

Lindsay Meisel, Head of Content, Ava


Social Media Engagement

Video content helped explain the product's innovation, prove the company's expertise as well as demand. Ava gained credibility and trust. As a result, people all over the world rushed to buy Ava looking to ease women's cycle tracking and pregnancy planning.

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