Kami Home

Product: Kami Home – new premium home security camera line from YI Technology - the leader in the intelligent video technology sector
Target audience: Home owners in USA
Goal: Refresh Kami Home brand, grow brand awareness and community engagement


Brand Awareness, Product Launches, Product Videos, PR, Community Building, Copywriting, Social Media


YI Technology, Inc.


2020 - 2021


YI Technology, an established vision technology company out of China with millions of customers worldwide, was looking to build the brand and product messaging for their new Kami Home line. They turned to us for branding, storytelling, PR, community building, product marketing content, social media content, and sales enablement – specifically tailored to the American consumer.

Key deliverables

  • 4 hardware product launches (e-commerce, Home Depot, earned media)

  • Weekly educational content (YouTube, Blog)

  • Social Media content

  • Community growth & moderation

  • Referral and brand ambassador programs

  • 2020 Super Bowl Influencer Endorsement

  • Kami Home exhibition at CES 2020

  • Sales enablement

Immediate results

Within the first 3 months of our strategy execution, Kami Home's sales grew by 10x, the brand gained a friendly voice and a higher sense of reliability across all key sales channels: Kami Store, Amazon, Home Depot.

  • Sales ⬆️10x compared to previous product launches

  • Social Media reach ⬆️ 4x 

  • Engagement ⬆️10x on Facebook

  • PR coverage ⬆️150%

  • Community ⬆️ from 150 to 2500 in 4 weeks

“Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera was our best ever product launch!”

– Sean Da, CEO, YI Technology 

Animated Illustrations

Problem: The new Kami Vision website (B2B arm of Kami Home) has a very technical offering. The website content (www.kamivision.com) may feel heavy to read, hence new, friendly and eye-catching content is needed.

Outcome: 5 x animated illustrations picturing:

  • B2B Technology Stack

  • Consumer Technology Stack

  • Partnership Opportunities

  • Career Opportunities

  • About the Team

Consumer Product Launches


Kami Outdoor

  • 10 x sales goal upon launch

  • 25 x PR articles, 5 tier 1

  • 1 video commercial, 15 product videos, 5 blog articles, product photography, social media

  • Ambassador Program


Kami Baby

  • $100,000 raised in crowdfunding

  • 30 coverage articles, 6 tier 1

  • 1 video commercial, 5 product videos, 2 blog articles, product lifestyle photography, social media

  • 3,000 community members


Kami Doorbell

  • 190,000 YouTube commercial views

  • 20 coverage articles, 4 tier 1

  • 1 video commercial, 5 product videos, 2 blog articles, product lifestyle photography

  • Beta Tester Program

“B Magnetic came up with outstanding content strategy promoting our new hero product giving our whole marketing communications a new spirit. I recommend B Magnetic to any company willing to build its brand with content strategy that matters.”

– Tillmann Kühn, Director of Marketing, YI Technology



Landing Page Design

Problem: The main website lacks in immediate product portfolio clarity and product features comparison. The sales team requester a dedicated landing page to easily pitch products to distributors.

Outcome: Clean, easy-to-read landing page with upfront product portfolio and key marketing assets.


Old design


Social Media Engagement

Problem: There are hundreds of thousands of Kami users worldwide, yet social media engagement has been low.

Outcome: Through brand ambassador programs, we managed to skyrocket social media engagement from nearly zero to hundreds of comments on Facebook expressing advocacy and passion for the brand.

YouTube Series – Kami Home


Problem: Customers are looking for answers to common questions by reaching out to customer service or posting on social media. Moreover, they are not aware of the latest additions to the products designed to make their lives easier.

Outcome: 25 YouTube episodes explaining the most common product-related questions, promoting new features and introducing new products.