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Product: The world’s first portable head-mounted air purifier
Target audience: People looking to maximize air quality on the go without losing comfort
Goal: Strategize, plan and execute marketing content to maximize success of a crowdfunding campaign



Brand and Product Storyline, Marketing Assets, Identity Formation, Graphic Design

Aerion Labs, Inc.




Aerion is a newly invented face shield with air purification technology. Aerion Labs is founded by a successful technology leader Mukund Rajkumar - the co-creator of hardware and software products loved by hundreds of millions of customers (Qualcomm, Intel, Motorola, August Home, YI Technology).

Mukund asked us to tell the story of Aerion and build a portfolio of marketing assets for his upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Key deliverables

  • Problem & solution formation; definition of the WHY

  • Storyline and full layout of the crowdfunding page

  • Promotional video; a pack of animated GIFs

  • Lifestyle product photography; 15 edited photos

  • 22 explainer graphics, 20 custom icons

  • 5 x thought leadership blog posts

  • ProductHunt page content creation

Immediate results

Within 6 weeks from the MVP stage, Aerion’s storyline, value proposition and marketing assets were formed to set up Aerion for success in a crowdfunding campaign.


Product Storytelling & Graphic Design

In order to build the product's credibility for the backers to support Aerion's mass production, our team created the product's storyline, value proposition, video commercial, iconography, photography, visual images and explainer graphics. The marketing assets will serve the campaign's audience to make informed decisions about supporting the project and pre-ordering the device so that they never have to worry about the air quality they breathe again.


...Today, we live in a constant fear of the quality of the air we breathe. We take all types of precautions - wear masks, shields, keep distance, and yet we don’t have confidence if we’re protected enough....


...Our Aerion Pro comes with a built-in air quality sensor and a dedicated app. Your shield will automatically turn on when the air quality is bad. The app will provide you information about pollution, and it will prompt you to turn your device on when needed...


Blog Content

that audience

cares about

Blog posts should do more than just SEO. A good blog elevates the brand's credibility, gives an insight into the brand's personality, and contributes to thought leadership.

We strategized and executed 5 blog posts for Aerion to post upon the pre-launch campaign and navigate the audience to the desired call-to-action. Through these blog posts, Aerion comes across as an established brand with a heavy load of industry expertise.



1. Are face masks really protective? Which type of mask or shield should I choose?
2. Communication through the mask: how do masks affect the way we interact?

3. Sustainable solutions that can help you protect your face. What should you choose if you care about the environment?

4. Can face masks cause skin infections?

5. Aerion best at work

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