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Sumo Logic

Product: Cloud-native machine data analytics platform for DevSecOps
Target audience: DevOps, Security Analysts, Customer Service Analysts, CTOs, CEOs
Goal: Create messaging that resonates with technical, non-technical, and executive audiences. Make key product benefits easy to understand.


Motion Design & Animation, Script Writing, Copywriting, Video Production, Testimonials, Product Storytelling


Sumo Logic, Inc.


2017 – 2021


Sumo Logic is a complex data analytics platform allowing to make data-driven decisions and reduce time to investigate security and operational issues. Over the past 4 years we've served as the extended content marketing and motion animation studio at Sumo to help current and prospective customers easily understand how they can secure, monitor, and troubleshoot any app in any cloud faster and more effectively.

Key deliverables

  • Scriptwriting, problem analysis, storyboarding

  • Graphic design

  • 8 motion animated technical explainer videos

  • 5 motion animated cartoon-style use case videos

  • 4 testimonial / live-action thought leadership videos

  • 1 Valley Talks case study episode

Immediate results

From a very technical and challenging to navigate brand,

Sumo Logic becomes easy to understand by non-technical executives and resonates will multiple target audience segments.

  • Refreshed brand personality

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • ⬆️ 40% email open rate

  • ⬆️ 20-40% number of views and viewing time

  • Word of mouth effect

  • Boosted emotional attachment

  • Easier onboarding process

I've worked with B Magnetic on a number of projects, and I've always been impressed with their dedication, creativity, energy, and professionalism. I've been fascinated with their extensive marketing knowledge. That expertise and fresh perspectives on projects make them extremely valuable collaborators for any business or assignment.

– Tom Horyn, Sr. Manager, Web Strategy and Operations, Sumo Logic

Animated Explainers & Reels

Graphic Design

Problem: How to visualize Sumo Logic benefits in a simple, easy-to-understand format?

Outcome: Custom-designed storyboards and animated videos telling a story of how Sumo increases monitoring and troubleshooting's effectiveness.

Cartoon-Style Explainers – Sumo Use Cases


Corporate Storytelling